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Hosting has always been a passion of mine. I've always found that good food brings people together, and my charcuterie boards are always the centre of every party. I wanted people to be able to do the same. These take away charcuteries include FREE DELIVERY Tuesday through Sunday within the greater Vancouver area. All orders must be placed the day before and require a 12-hour cancellation notice. For all inquiries, simply complete the form below, including your email, and we can make an arrangement. 

* VEGAN * GLUTEN Free * NUT Free * DAIRY free * ALL AVAILABLE, message below to discuss

* Charcuterie Cones Available - minimum 20 codes

* Grazing tables available - minimum 25 guest @ $25 per person

*Boxes are subject to change in product

*Our product is not prepared in a nut free environment

* Pick up downtown available 

*All orders must be placed 24 hours before pickup or delivery

*12 hour cancellation policy

* Custom boxes or boards available, custom pricing available

Call or Text Kelly @ 604.379.5580


The Get-Together 

Our boxes can start small, perfect for date night or a picnic. 

The perfect mix of cured meats, cheese, crackers,

nuts, fruit and more

Starting at $35

The Grazer

The Grazer is perfect for the smaller get togethers, to bring to the beach or on a picnic or to contribute to a larger potluck style gathering

  • This box serves approximately 3-5 people

  •  2- 3 cheeses and 2-3 meats

  • olives and/or pickles

  • 2-3 types of nuts

  • 1-3 dips

  • 1-2 fruits

  • 1 type of crackers


The Gatherer

The Gatherer does just that, gets your guests gathering around for good food and conversation. It is perfect for almost every occasion and will be the star of the table!

  • This box serves approximately 5-8 people

  •  3 cheeses and 3 meats

  • olives and pickles 

  • 2-3 types of nuts

  • 2-3 dips

  • 2-3 fruits

  • 2-3 types of crackers


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