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How to Look and Feel Good, Everyday!

Nowadays it's easy to forget to spend a little time on ourselves each day. It seems like everyone is always on the go or working from home. However, investing a few moments in yourself each day can make a huge difference in how you feel, improve your overall mood and even increase productivity.

1. Moisturize

Something as simple as hand moisturizer can make you feel fresh and revitalized. Plus, it is so important to maintain youthful and soft hands! This is even more important during the dry winter months.

These little moments of self care truly go a long way in making us feel, and look, better.

2. Wear Jewelry

Just add jewelry, is something I always say! Whenever I add some earrings or bracelets to my look, I instantly feel better. I think we have been subconsciously conditioned to wear jewelry when we are dressing up, but with loungewear being the new norm, there is no reason not to elevate this everyday look with some serious shine!

3. Buy Flowers

Flowers can never let you down......ok, maybe when they die! But I think we can all agree that fresh flowers make a home feel beautiful. Heck even buying them is fun in my opinion. Give yourself an excuse to put on some lipstick and get out of the house. Nothing feels better than walking down the street with a beautiful bouquet in your arms. I think this is a great Friday ritual, reward yourself with flowers that you can enjoy in you home over the weekend.

There are so many ways to make each day a little brighter, it just takes some effort.

4. Go for a walk

5. Call a loved one

6. Eat healthy

7. Style your hair

8. Tidy a space in your home

9. Meditate

10. Wear something you feel great in, even if you work from home or aren't going anywhere

These are just a few ways to add a little luxury to your day. Because when we look and feel good, life is just a little sweeter. How do you make yourself feel great? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

xx Kelly

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