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Holiday Entertaining: It's All in the Details

Tis the season for gathering! As a person who absolutely loves hosting, I have compiled a few simple ways to ensure seamless entertaining.

First Impressions:

How a guest is welcomed into your home sets the tone for the evening and there are a few simple things you can do. Always answer the door yourself if possible as this is the time to warmly greet them. Offer to take their coats, and more importantly, have a designated space to put coats, buy some spare coat hangers for the closet or designate a bed for bulky coats. Show them inside and make the necessary introductions so everyone can get acquainted.

Refine your Refreshments:

It is important to have something for everyone this holiday season. Most guests will bring a bottle of wine or contribution of sorts but as host, you should have a variety of options available.

A great way to please the masses is with a signature cocktail that can be served with or without alcohol. Drink wow factor is all in the details, garnish with cranberries and rosemary, sugar your rims, add cinnamon sticks to mulled wine or hot apple cider, and always have lots of seltzer/soda water and lemons and limes. Lastly, never want to run out while hosting! I don't have an ice maker but I prep a few days before hand so there is plenty on hand. If you are tight on freezer space, store in a cooler that you can access throughout the evening. I love these ice trays for a restaurant feel.

The Perfect Playlist:

Music plays such an integral role when entertaining. Taking the time to create a memorable playlist will make a big difference. Finding a balance between the classics and modern hits is key, You also want to integrate non-holiday tunes into your mix, that your guests can get their groove on to.

Capture the moment:

We got all dressed up so we better take some pics, right! A game changer for the parties I throw has honestly been my Bluetooth ring light. It is perfect for taking group shots hands free and you can even let your guests have fun and take their own pics. Go the extra mile and put out some props to have fun with. You can find free pintable's here!

Things to note:

- always ensure everyone has safe transportation home

- designate a close friend or relative to assist with food and drinks so you're not spread too thin

- have extra glassware (even have plastic as back up if you are using glass)

- mingle with all your guests, don't stay in one area too long

- send a text or call the next day to thank your guests for coming

Hosting a memorable event doesn't need to be difficult. Simply paying attention to the details highlighted here will ensure people have a great time AND your night as host will go smother too!

xx Kelly

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