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Holiday Street Style

There is something about the holidays that makes you want to dress up and go downtown, be it to shop, grab coffee with a friend or simply take in the lights. While climate controls a big part of your outerwear, there are lots a little details that can elevate your holiday street style.

1. Great Gloves

Gloves instantly add a level of refinement to any look and the great thing is you can even pull them off in a warmer climate. Adding a functional leather glove you can text in, can really complete an outfit. Gloves also make for a great Christmas gift for a man in your life, plus there are beautiful vegan leather styles too.

2. Sunglasses

Weather permitting, nothing adds glamour better than a pair of shades. I have been known to indulge in luxury eyewear, especially if there is a deal to be found. But nowadays you can find some pretty great alternatives for a fraction of the cost.

3. Berets and Hats and Toques OH MY!

Nothing says winter wear like a warm hat. I think hats have really stepped back on the scene in the past few years and if you haven't embraced this trend yet, it's time. I personally love berets because they transport me to a different era, and to me there is no better time to dress a little old fashioned, than the holidays.

4. Belt your Coat

This is an easy way to stand out by adding your own personal style. Switch up the standard belt your coat came with for something studded, wider or with a pop of

color. There are so many ways to cultivate your own look doing this simple hack!

5. Scarves and Shawls

Can we say fashion meets function? You get to wrap yourself in a blanket in public! Well maybe there is a little more to it, so be sure to master a few different ways to wear a scarf.

6. The Viral Tights

I couldn't write this article without mentioning the fleece lined tights that went viral last year. While I haven't tried them myself yet, I am beyond intrigued so I am linking them here. I may need to bite the bullet with these as they are more available and less expensive this year, and I love the thought of looking so cute while staying warm!

7. Add a Brooch

A little flare never hurt anyone and Christmas time is the perfect time for it. This one takes me back to my childhood when my Nana gave me a guardian angle brooch. I wore it on my grey pea coat and I felt special. It still feels nice to add a sentimental piece to my look, but if you don't have one, try a local thrift store and find something unique.

So next time you head out this holiday season, put some extra thought into your look. You will instantly feel a little more festive and likely be in the mood for a photo or two as well!

xx Kelly

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